software development
We develop cryptocurrencies and tokens based on your preferences, building something absolutely new, or using existing solutions, based on the most popular blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Tron, Fantom, and others.
What we do
We've been making smart contracts even before the ICO boom in 2017. With more than five years of experience, we are using Solidity in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other EVM-compatible blockchains.
Deployed and audited smart contracts
Total market cap of complete projects
Beaver Dealer
Eos Authority
Gravis Finance
Beaver Dealer
Eos Authority
Gravis Finance
Vaulty is a decentralized platform designed to bring automatic asset allocation across DeFi instruments.
New generation crypto exchanger from fiat to ETH/BTC/XRP/ADA/LTC and back.
Metaverse on the Unity engine that integrates complex economics and strategy mechanics.
Blockchain explorer for EOS.
Gravis Finance is an ecosystem that unites DeFi platform, NFT marketplace for in-game assets, and Evervoid game.
Using Ethereum or Cosmos SDK, we make a Layer 2 solution for you deployed on top of existing blockchains. We provide compatibility between your platform and other blockchains to facilitate network support and integration with other platforms.
Clarify requirements
Provide us with your idea in as much detail as possible. Every project begins with requirements gathering - during this phase, we will develop a clear picture of the realization of your goals, take into account all the information you have: designs, ready documentation on the project, or a working system that needs to be changed.
Roadmap and emphasis functionality to MVP

When we reach an understanding of what will be implemented, based on your requirements, you will get a timeline and cost for the project. An important step in defining the final look of the product is a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. This version will contain core functionality and will be implemented in the first stages of development. After agreeing to the step, a tasks backlog will be formed.
Distribution and structuring of tasks
The backlog is divided into sprints, with defined tasks and the time needed to complete them. The formed plan, the number of specialists involved, and the results of the work will be agreed upon with you, and only after your approval the work begins.
Start development
After payment for the first sprint, the team begins work under the leadership of the personal project manager. When the work on the current sprint is done and the results are achieved, we turn to work on the next sprint, having previously agreed with you on the scope of work, plan, and price.
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